6:30am Project

With the advent of Covid-19, artists Michelle Stemm and Nellie Peoples recognised a lack of motivation for doing what they enjoy most, making jewellery. Following disruption of their regular schedules, these artists found it difficult to drop into their creative mind sets. After coming together with this shared problem, and with their readily available world shrunk, they decided to find the solution in their own backyards.  Each morning at 6:30am, they virtually come together to sit in their individual yards. They start their days creatively, by undertaking short artistic exercises. The exercises range from 5 minutes of timed descriptive observations, to six, thirty second quick sketches (eyes closed, continuous line, straight line, curved line, dots and shapes), to a simple 10 minute sketch inspired by their immediate surroundings. As each social isolation day continues, they experiment and elaborate on their activities. The exercises may change, but the aim remains the same, to be creative in a supportive environment and document their creativity to share with one another.

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