6:30am Sessions

Covid-19 lockdowns which cancelled Michelle Stemm and Nellie Peoples' income streams and creative deadlines, and more impactfully, crushed their motivation to make. They found themselves listless, unable to focus or hold onto a regular schedule with uncertainty of the future weighing heavily. 


By taking a small step to hold each other to account, a new home-bound schedule was developed; they decided to ‘meet’ each morning at 6:30am, in their respective backyards, to observe and draw the outside world.  In connecting online, they discovered the process helped creative flow, made them feel connected and accountable, and extended their practice.


These sessions include short observational writing, quick sketches using different drawing techniques and long form experimental drawing. Each day is different. Sharing and reflection are an essential part of the process, contributing to a feeling of connectedness and creating new provocations for the following day.  These morning drawings become a guide for material investigations for the following day. Using these sessions, this project will develop a new creative process for the pair, adding to the resilience of their individual practice.  

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